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Restricting or disabling phone features for RingCentral
Video Pro and Pro+ users | RingCentral app

If a user has Video Pro or Pro+, admins can restrict or disable phone features for them via the RingCentral Admin Portal.
  • Restricting phone features: Allows the admin to control the types of calls users are able to answer or use: Internal calls, domestic calls, or unmasked numbers.

    Note: Restricting phone features requires the creation of a custom role.
  • Disabling phone features: Removes the phone feature and icon from the RingCentral app for selected users.

Restricting Phone features

To restrict Video Pro or Pro+ users to only make internal calls using the RingCentral app:
1. Log in to your RingCentral account as an administrator.
2. Navigate to Users > Roles.
3. Select New Role.
Add a new role
4. In the Create New Role window:

a. Select Standard and click Next.

b. Enter in a Name and Description for the Role and click Next.

c. Under Policies, keep the Internal Calls option checked and uncheck the Domestic Calls and Unmasked Numbers options.

Select permissions
5. Click Create Role. Another pop-up window will appear asking if you’d like to assign users to the role now. Click Assign.
6. Ensure that all Video Pro and Pro+ users are assigned the new custom role, then click Assign.
7. Click on your new role, then Edit, and check the Set as Default box.
Set as default role

Disabling Phone features

If you’d like to remove all phone capabilities for Video Pro and Pro+ users, you’ll need to contact RingCentral Support. Note: Turning off the phone option prevents mobile charges from customers. 
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