Configuring company call handling in the RingCentral
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Company call handling provides options for you to set up top-level IVR menus or extensions. This controls what callers hear when they dial your company number(s) during and after business hours. You can select an IVR menu or extension associated with your company hours.

Note: Admins can also configure the company call handling feature using the RingCentral admin portal.

Setting up company call handling

1. Depending on which device you’re on:

a. For Android devices, tap your profile menu at the top left.

b. For iOS devices, tap your profile photo at the top left.

2. Tap Admin tools
3. Tap Phone system > Auto-receptionist > Company call handling.
Company call handling
4. Configure one of the following tabs, and then tap Save:
  • Company hours: Select top-level IVR menu where callers are connected during company operating hours. 
  • After hours: Select the top-level IVR menu where callers are connected to after company operating hours.
  • Custom Rules: Custom call management using conditions based on time of day, date range, incoming caller ID, and called number.

Configuring custom call handling rule

1. Tap Custom Rules.
  1. 2. Tap Add Rule
  2. 3. Enter a descriptive name of the rule.
4. Select configuration based on the following conditions: Date and/or Time, Caller ID, or Called Number, and then tap the rightward arrow. 
Note: Depending on the conditions you’ve enabled, you can select when the rule should be active according to the following:
  • Weekly Schedule: Select each day the rule should be active.
  • Date Range: Enter a date range the rule should be active.
  • Business Hours/ After Hours: Choose whether the rule should be active during business hours or after hours.
  • Caller ID: Enter the Caller ID(s) and name (optional) the rule should apply to, tap Done, and then choose what company number is called.
5. Your conditions summary will appear on the next screen, and you can choose to keep or delete the conditions, and then tap the rightward arrow to proceed.
6. Select a top-level IVR menu the rule applies to, and then tap Save.
7. Your custom rule will appear under the Company Call Handling page once created which you can turn on/off at any time.
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