Managing your billing service plan and payment
method in the RingCentral mobile app
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The Billing section of the RingCentral Online account allows admins to:
Note: Only the super admin, billing admin or any custom role with the right permission can access and perform changes to the Billing section.

Accessing the Billing section

1. Depending on which device you’re on:

a. For Android devices, tap your profile menu at the top left.

Billing plan

b. For iOS devices, tap your profile photo at the top left.

Billing plan
2. Tap Admin tools
Billing plan
Billing plan
3. Tap Billing, and then navigate between the following Billing sections: Service Plan, Payment Method, and Calling Rates.
Billing plan
Billing plan

Managing your Service Plan

The Billing section allows admins to view and manage payment and services tied to their RingCentral account.
Billing plan
The Service Plan section lets you view and configure the following:
  • Service Plan: View the RingCentral plan your account is subscribed to. 
  • Account Credit: If you downgrade your account at the middle of your billing cycle, the remaining funds will be added to your account credits instead of a refund. 
  • Billing Cycle: View your current billing cycle. 
  • Next Billing Date: This shows the date when RingCentral receives the payment from your account.
  • Usage Info: View your total used plan minutes.
  • Additional Services: Lists the add-on services not included in your base plan that you have added to your RingCentral Account.
  • Additional Phones: Lists the additional phones not included in your base plan that you have added to your RingCentral Account.
  • Billing History: View the list of your billing transactions and billing statements. Tap each order to view order details or tap View Full Billing History. You can enable or disable to automatically receive billing statements via email.
Billing plan
  • Auto-Purchase:  Select the calling credits package that RingCentral automatically adds to your account when you are running low on calling credits to prevent any potential interruption of service.
  • Cancel Service Plan: Provides you the contact information to proceed with canceling your service plan and what to expect after your account is canceled.

Configuring your Payment Method

To configure your payment method, modify the fields as desired, and then tap Save at top right. 
Billing plan

Enabling/disabling international calling and SMS and viewing call rates

International calling and SMS enable you to make phone calls outside your country. Admins can enable/disable international calling and SMS. You can navigate through the Country & Number list to view the calling rates.
1. Navigate to Admin tools > Billing.
2. Tap Calling rates.
3. Toggle on/off to enable/disable international calling or disable international SMS. 
Note: If the international calling and SMS option is disabled, you will not be able to do outbound calls for your account lines.
Billing plan
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