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Monitoring calls for other extensions in the RingCentral
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The Head-Up Display (HUD) in the RingCentral app allows you to monitor all user extension calls in your call monitoring groups. Call monitoring lets you see user extensions in real-time, whether they are available or engaged in a call. You can also observe and even take over calls. To learn more about setting up call monitoring groups, click here.
Note: If a user is added as a delegate or has delegates in a call monitoring group, they can’t be added to the monitoring group as users to be monitored.

Monitoring calls

  1. Navigate to Phone via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Hover over the extension you want to monitor, then click Monitor active call.
Note: The user extension and caller will not be notified if you begin monitoring their call.

Monitoring call features

  • Mute: Click to mute/unmute yourself.
  • Keypad: Click to open the dialer. 
  • Audio: Click to turn off/on the audio of the call.
  • Whisper: Click to talk to the user extension you’re monitoring. The other person on the line will not be able to hear you, just the person you’re monitoring.
  • Barge: Click to enter the call with the person you’re monitoring and who they’re speaking to.
  • Take over: Click to take over the call. Note: This will drop the person you’re monitoring from the call.
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