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As we discussed in Intro to Phone in the RingCentral app, the Phone interface acts as the main location for:
  • viewing and managing your call history, 
  • accessing your voicemails and call recordings, 
  • managing your SMS and MMS text messages, and 
  • viewing and sending your faxes.
To access the Phone interface, you can click the Phone menu option via the side menu bar.

Navigating the phone interface

The Phone interface is made up of two panes: the left pane, which contains your main navigation tabs, and the right pane, which contains the main options for a particular feature in the Phone interface. Let’s review the main navigation components you’ll find in the Phone interface below.

Left pane

The left pane in the Phone interface contains the main navigation tabs that will take you to major features under Phone. This pane is divided into the following collapsible sections:
  • HUD
  • Call History
  • Voicemail
  • Fax
  • Text


The head-up display (HUD) section provides you with advanced phone functionality and keeps your frequently used extension list at your fingertips. This section contains the following navigation tabs:
  • Extensions: View user extensions.
  • Delegated calls: View delegated calls.
  • Conference rooms: Join or make a conference call.
  • Park locations: View parked calls.

Call History

The Call History section is where you can access a full log of all your call activities. 
  • All calls: View a list of all calls, including any missed calls and calls you’ve made on behalf of another user.
  • Missed calls: View a list of your missed calls.
  • Call recordings: Access and play back your call recordings.


The Voicemail section is where you can access all your saved voicemails.
Opening voicemails
Note: You can click on the Show transcript bubble icon next to the voicemail recording to see a transcript for each voicemail.


The Fax section is where you can manage all your faxes. This section contains the following navigation tabs:
  • All faxes: View all your faxes, including faxes you’ve sent and received and any faxes that failed to send.
  • Sent: View only the faxes you’ve sent successfully.
  • Received: View only the faxes you’ve received.
  • Failed: View only faxes that have failed to send.


The Text section is where you can access all of your active text messages. All messages will appear in a list below the section heading, organized by most recent at the top. Each text message conversation is indicated by the name and number of the contact(s) included in the conversation. 
Select one of the conversations in the left pane to open that message thread in a center pane with the list of members in the pane at far right.
View of Text in Phone section
You can also send group MMS and bulk text messages in this section:
  1. Click on the plus icon next to the text icon.
  2. Add multiple numbers or contacts to the text.
  3. Check the Create group text box to create a group text OR uncheck the box to send bulk texts.
Create group text
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