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Inviting personal contacts to RingCentral Video Pro
and Pro+ on desktop and web | RingCentral app 

There are three types of users in the app that you can add:
  • Admins (if you’re an admin user yourself)
  • Co-workers or company contacts
  • Guest users or personal contacts 
Co-workers who are added to your RingCentral Video Pro or Pro+ account will see the same contacts, be able to start conversations, and join video meetings because of your shared email domain.
Note: If you do not have the ability to invite a new user, your admin may be disabled this permission at the account level. Please reach out to your company account admin to review your account settings. 

Note: If you have a RingCentral Video Pro+ account and you’d like to add a new user with a RingCentral Video Pro+ license, an admin will also need to assign that license to the user after the fact

Inviting users via the top header bar

1. Click the New actions plus button at top right beside your profile photo.
2. Hover over Invite to RingCentral.
3. Click either: By email, or By sharing a link.
Invite to RingCentral

Inviting guests via the Contacts menu

1. Click Contacts via the left-hand navigation bar. 
2. Select All contacts or Guests from the left pane.  
3. Click the envelope icon at upper right.
4. Select either: Invite by email or Share invite link.
Clicking contacts on the left pane

Invite users by email

1. Enter an email address in the To field. You can include up to 20 email addresses in one invitation. Use a comma-separated list or semicolon between emails to send to multiple participants (up to 20 maximum).
2. Click Invite.

Invite new users by text

1. Click By text.
2. Enter name or phone number in the To field.
3. Click the paperclip icon to attach a file or the smiley icon to insert an emoji (optional).
4. Edit the invite default message (optional).
5. Click Next.

Invite new users by sharing a link

1. Click Invite via link
2. Click the two-square icon beside the link to copy the invite link to share anywhere outside the app or click Share invite link via email to send invite link via the default email linked to your RingCentral desktop and web app. 

Signing up using the RingCentral Video Pro invitation

1. Open your email invitation and click Create a free account.
2. Verify your age. 
3. Enter your information.
4. Check the box to accept Terms of Service, Privacy Notice, and Acceptable Use Policy.
5. Click Create your free account.
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