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Reviewing your profile and call handling in the
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After activating the RingCentral account, a welcome dialog will appear and users will be prompted to review their company profile and call handling. You cannot navigate away from this page until you complete the setup or Skip setup at bottom right. If you wish to proceed, click Review on either of the cards.
View of reviewing settings

Completing your user profile

Clicking on the Complete your user profile card allows you to set up the following details:
  • Profile details: Update your first name, last name, and email address. After completing the review process, you can edit your profile at any time. 
  • Regional settings: Set the country and area code for your region. By default, these will be the number that you have set when you created your account and will be used for local and emergency dialing and phone number formatting. 
  • Emergency address: Review and update your physical address on record with RingCentral for emergency calls. Your saved address will be visible under this section.

Reviewing call handling

Clicking on the Review your call handling card allows you to set up the following settings:
  • Call forwarding: Add phones to receive calls aside from your primary phone and set them how they want to ring when they receive forwarded calls.
  • Voicemail: Record a voicemail message.
When you’ve finished setting up, a green check mark will appear at the top of the cards.
View of completed setup
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