Connecting your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar in RingCentral mobile app 

Last updated on April 01, 2022
Connecting your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar to your RingCentral app makes it easier to schedule new meetings, or view and join upcoming meetings. Any scheduled meeting from the RingCentral app will integrate on your calendar and vice versa.

Note: The first time you use the app, you can instantly connect your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar in the RingCentral mobile app via the Video menu.

Connecting your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar from the Video tab

  1. Navigate to Video via the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap Connect calendar, and then choose one of the following, depending on which device you’re on: Access device calendars (Android) or Access iPhone calendars (iOS), Sign in with Microsoft or Sign in with Google.
  3. Tap Ok to allow RingCentral to access your calendars.

Connecting your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar from profile menu settings

  1. Tap the Main menu (your profile photo) at top left.
  2. Tap Connected accounts.
  3. Tap and configure these options for connecting your account: iPhone, Microsoft account, Google account, or Save contacts to

Connected accounts settings

To connect your iPhone device contacts or calendars, toggle on to enable. You can tap Hide all calendars to uncheck all connected device calendars or uncheck each by tapping individually. For Android users, you may choose to connect device contacts or calendars. 
When connecting your Microsoft or Google account, you have the following options to enable access:
  • Calendars: Schedule your meetings across your calendars.
  • Personal contacts: Manage personal contacts from your phone.
  • Global Address List or Directory: The Microsoft Exchange Global Address List (GAL) is a list of all end users and their respective email addresses within an Exchange Server organization that uses Microsoft Outlook for email. Note: You need to allow RingCentral to access your company directory so you can sign in and connect to your company directory once prompted.
Once you have synced your calendar from either Microsoft, Google, or your device, any meetings scheduled via those calendars will appear in the Video menu.

Disabling calendar permissions via your phone settings

To disconnect any synced calendar, you can simply return to the Connected accounts menu and toggle off the switch for enabled calendars. 
You can also disable synced calendars at any time via your phone settings:
  • iOS: Navigate to Settings > RingCentral > Toggle off Calendars 
  • Android: Navigate to Settings > Apps > RingCentral > Permissions > Calendar > Tap Deny
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