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Host controls

The default host is the person who scheduled the meeting, but the host can also assign other participants as moderators or hosts.
  • -/+: Create or delete a breakout room.
  • Auto assign: Automatically assign participants to specific breakout rooms.
  • Clear assignments: Remove the assigned breakout rooms of participants.
  • Search for a room or participant: Search for a specific room or participants.
  • Unassigned: Lists the participants that don’t have a breakout room assigned to them yet.
  • Room/s: Displays the breakout room/s you created and the participants assigned to it.
  • Join: Join a specific breakout room.
  • Open all rooms: Separate participants into their assigned breakout rooms.
  • Close all rooms: Close all the breakout rooms and put all participants back into the main meeting. This control is only available if the breakout rooms are open.

Participant controls

While in a breakout room, participants can do the following:
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