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Scheduling a RingCentral Video meeting for another
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There may be situations where someone in your company would like for you to schedule a meeting on their behalf. 
Please note that if you’d like to schedule a meeting for someone else, they must first assign you as a delegate in their RingCentral Video settings. To learn more about setting a delegate, visit Setting delegates to schedule your RingCentral Video meetings on RingCentral app desktop and web.
If you schedule a meeting for someone else, that meeting will appear in the other person’s calendar and they will become the host of that meeting when they join.

Scheduling a meeting for another user on the RingCentral app 

To schedule a RingCentral Video meeting for another user using the RingCentral app, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Video in the left-hand navigation bar
2. Click Schedule
3. Enter the title of your meeting and configure the meeting to your preferred settings
4. Next to Schedule for, click on the dropdown and select the user you’d like to schedule the meeting on behalf of
5. Click Schedule. This will automatically generate the RingCentral Video URL and the meeting details in the email body of the calendar you selected
6. Select Send (for Outlook) or Save (for Google calendar) to schedule the meeting
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