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The host is the person who has scheduled the meeting and has control over all functions and features of the meeting. Another person can schedule a meeting on your behalf if you’ve set them as a delegate, and you will still be the host of that meeting. 
As the meeting host, you can:
Hosts can access the following in-meeting controls:
  • Participants: Tap Participants via the bottom menu bar to manage meeting attendees, and then tap the three-dot More icon at the topmost right to access host controls. Tap the three-dot More icon on the right of the attendee name to manage individual attendees.
Show participants
View more options
View participant options
  • Chat: Hosts can send a private chat with anyone in the main meeting or a breakout room. Hosts can send a broadcast message to all rooms so that everyone in the meeting can see it.
  • Start transcription: Tap to start a live transcription of the meeting.
Start transcription
  • End: Tap Leave the meeting or End meeting for everyone. Tap Cancel to continue meeting. 
End the call
Note: When breakout rooms are created, hosts have the following controls:
  • Main meeting: Leave meeting, End meeting for everyone or Cancel.
  • Breakout room: Leave meeting, Return to main meeting, or Cancel.
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