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Checking RingCentral Call Queue Members Availability

Last updated on March 16, 2022
Call queues are used when you want a specific group of users (such as Sales, Support, or Billing) to share incoming calls. Available, Busy, and Unavailable indicate the call queue member‘s status for taking calls. Administrators can see the availability status of call queue members to see who can handle incoming calls.
  1. Sign in to your  RingCentral online account
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Groups > Call Queues.
  3. Locate the target call queue, and click the drop-down arrow under the Action column. You will see a list of your call queue members and their status.

Call Queue member statuses

  • Available - Member is ready to take a call. In a Rotating setup, the call will go to the user who has been in this status the longest.
  • Busy - Member is on an active call. Call queue members will not get calls from the call queue while in this status.
  • Unavailable - Member is currently outside their business hours or has marked themselves as unavailable. In addition, Unavailable will be displayed if the user's status is set to DND or Do not accept queue calls. Call queue members will not get calls while in this status.
Note: If a call queue member doesn’t set their status to DND or Do not accept queue calls, their phones will still receive calls. 
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