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Canceling your RingCentral account

Last updated on February 25, 2022
To cancel your RingCentral account, you must be the company admin or account owner. Once you back up your company and user data as described below, call or chat RingCentral Support to cancel your account. They'll ask you for:
  • The main phone number associated with the company account 
  • The answer to your company account’s security question
  • The last 4 digits of the company account’s credit card number
Note: Your account will be disabled for 30 days before being canceled. If you want to re-activate your account during this period, please call RingCentral Support
Canceling your RingCentral plan:
  • Disconnects your RingCentral phone numbers
  • Deletes call logs and messages stored in your online account
  • Removes access to all RingCentral apps
  • Removes all your company and individual RingCentral information, including call forwarding rules, custom voicemail greetings, answering rules, user extensions list, etc.
  • Deletes your RingCentral contacts 

What to do before canceling

You may want to save your company and user data before canceling. As a company admin, you’ll need to back up the data for your entire company, but you’ll also need to ask your users to save their data.

Backing up your company data

When you’re the account-level admin of your RingCentral company account, you can download:
Note: The RingCentral Archiver only backs up data made on or after the day Archiver was set up. If you have RingCentral Archiver but have not set it up, your users will have to download their call recordings manually.

Backing up your user data

Suggest each user download and save any data they want to keep before you call or chat with RingCentral Support. 
Select if you’re using RingCentral Archiver or not to back up your data.
With RingCentral Archiver
Without RingCentral Archiver
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