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Account linking support on the RingCentral app

Last updated on April 07, 2022

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The account linking feature allows users in the RingCentral app to dial any other user in the same federation with the extension number when their accounts are linked. Visit Intro to RingCentral account linking feature to learn more.


RingCentral app mobile iOS/Android, desktop app, or web browser

How does it work?

Viewing contacts

The default setting is to show the local directory. Use the filter option in the Contacts menu to view the entire directory or specific offices. 
  • All users have access to the consolidated directory, which they can use to find every user in the same federation.
  • When viewing the contact details. The label “Office” allows users to differentiate between their company and federated contacts.

Calling users

When accounts are federated/linked, extension dialing between them works the same way as extension dialing within one account. The call is routed without incurring any cost/minute to the account. The name and extension numbers are displayed on the callee's device. 

Sending messages

Users in the same federation but different companies will appear as co-workers (as opposed to guests) in messaging conversations and contacts when at least one company has messaging enabled.


  • Can’t send pager messages to linked contacts. 
  • No consolidated directory across accounts on the online account.
  • Outside callers cannot transfer between extensions on linked accounts.
  • Users across linked accounts cannot be included in call queues, monitoring groups, HUD, and features related to admin setup.
  • Can’t callback from Call Log if the call was initially placed as Main Num + *Ext format.
  • Presence, extension texting, and profile image sharing are not possible between linked accounts.
  • SMS or Chat through the RingCentral app will be external — users would need to send the SMS or chat to the other user’s direct number.
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