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Active call controls and indicators in RingCentral Phone Desktop app

Last updated on February 07, 2022

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Active Call Controls are soft keys that allow you to use various features on the RingCentral Phone. Active Call Controls include Mute, Audio settings, Hold, Record, Add to Conference, Transfer, Call Park and Call Flip.  

Active call indicators

call indicators

Active call controls

  1. Mute: Allows you to mute or unmute your mic’s volume. 
  2. Keypad: Opens the keypad for you to key in numbers when needed.
  3. Audio: Allows you to customize the volume and your audio source while on call.
  4. Hold: Puts the other party/parties on hold. When you place a call on hold, the button should show the status that the call is on hold. 
  5. Record: Activates the On-demand Call Recording feature, where you can record the call and stop the recording at any point during the call. For more information on the On-Demand Call Recording feature, go to How to enable the On-Demand Call Recording feature.
  6. Add: Lets you add up to 6 multi-way conference call participants to your active call. Once the multi-way conference reached the maximum number of participants, you will no longer see the option to add more. 
  7. Transfer: Allows you to transfer a call to another number or extension. 
  8. Park: Allows you to place the call on a set park location when any user in your account can pick it up.
  9. Flip: Allows you to transfer your call to another forwarding number in your extension. 
  10. End: Ends an active call.
active call controls
list of active calls
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