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Using RingCentral Video host controls on desktop and web

Last updated on March 07, 2022
Introduction to the RingCentral app

RingCentral Video: Using Host Exclusive Controls

The default host is the person who scheduled the meeting, but the host can also assign other participants as moderators or hosts
Hosts can access the following meeting controls:
  • Lock/Unlock: Prevent or allow new users from entering the meeting. To learn more about configuring security actions, visit Perform security actions during a RingCentral Video meeting on desktop and web
  • The host can also take steps to protect their RingCentral Video meetings both before and during a meeting. To learn more, visit Protecting your RingCentral Video meetings on RingCentral app desktop and web
  • Mute/Unmute all: Mute or unmute all participants. If you would like to learn more about managing meeting attendees, visit Managing RingCentral Video meeting participants on desktop and web
  • Reactions: Enable or disable reactions. You can also view raised hand or nonverbal reaction notifications made by participants in the video meeting.
    • Raise hand: Raise hand to get the attention of the host, moderator, or presenter.
    • Feedback: Asks the host, moderator, or presenter to Slow down or Speed up and react Yes or No. 
    • Status: Set by participants to show if they will Be right back or are Multitasking.
    • Feelings: Share feelings with an emoji. Choose to send a thumbs up, applause, surprised, laughing, or sad emoji. Note: Feelings will disappear after 10 seconds.
  • Breakout: Open breakout rooms. To learn more about breakout rooms, visit Intro to Breakout Rooms in RingCentral Video.
  • More: Click the three-dot icon to view the following options:
    • Allow screen-sharing: Allow only hosts and moderators OR all participants to share their screen.
    • Allow transcript to be visible: Allow only hosts and moderators OR all participants to see the transcript.
    • Allow to download and copy: Allow only hosts and moderators OR all participants to download and copy the meeting recording.
    • Turn off all videos: Turn off video for all participants.
    • Request to turn on all videos: Request all participants to turn on video. Note: If a user agrees to this request, their camera will automatically turn on.
Host more options
  • Record: Click to start recording the video meeting.
Selecting the Partcipants button
Click More
  • Start transcription: Click to start a live transcription of the meeting. 
  • Leave: Click to leave the meeting or end meeting for everyone.
View of leave meeting
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