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RingCentral Calendar Migration Tool FAQ

Last updated on January 14, 2022

What is the Calendar Migration tool?

The RingCentral Calendar Migration Tool will transfer all your company users’ RingCentral Meetings invites in Outlook to RingCentral Video meeting invites. This tool saves time by updating each user’s previously scheduled meeting invites in bulk.
This tool is best used when you’re first transitioning to RingCentral Video (RCV) from RingCentral Meetings (RCM).

Who can use the Calendar Migration Tool?

To run the Calendar Migration Tool, you must have admin access to your RingCentral company account, Office 365 company account, or Google Workspace company account.
Note that the Calendar migration Tool doesn’t support On-Premise Exchange Microsoft accounts.

I’m using Okta to sign in to my RingCentral admin account. I tried to use the Calendar Migration Tool, but it gave me an error, “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.” How can I fix this?

The Calendar Migration Tool doesn’t support Single Sign-On (SSO) using Okta. We recommend that you sign in to your RingCentral and Office 365 accounts using your credentials.

I’m transferring our meetings from RCM to RCV, but I received the message “FailedToGetRcmMeetingInfo.” What does it mean?

This indicates that your RCM invites info failed to fetch from API in this migration batch. To fix the error, try running the migration tool again.

What does the error “RcmMeetingNotFound” mean?

This means that the RCM invites were not found in the Calendar Migration Tool’s detection process. This could result from the RCM invites being changed. To fix the error, try running the migration tool again.
Keep in mind that the Calendar Migration Tool may not update customized meeting invites. For example, if a user has made changes to the meeting details information that populates when you schedule a RingCentral Meetings session, such as the meeting invite URL or dial-in information, the Calendar Migration Tool will be unable to update this invite to a RCV meeting.

If you’ve run the tool and found some meeting invites that failed to change, you can change it manually. For more info, visit Rescheduling a RingCentral Meetings invite to a RingCentral Video invite.

How do I fix the error “SettingsUnMapped?”

The error SettingsUnMapped indicates that the RCM invites settings failed to match RCV settings. To fix the error, either try rerunning the migration tool or modify the RCV settings manually.

I’m getting the error “CancelOrDraftEvent.” What does this mean?

This means that the meeting invite was canceled or still in draft format, so it did not migrate.

What does the error “NotRCM” mean?

The message NotRCM indicates that the meeting invite was not an RCM invite and did not migrate.

After the migration, can I move RCV links back to RCM links?

No. Once you’ve migrated your RCM meetings to RCV, you cannot undo the changes.

I want to move my users to RCV, but we are still using RCM Webinar until we can replace it with RCV Webinar. We don’t want our webinar links to change when we run the Calendar Migration Tool. Is this possible?

Yes. The Calendar Migration Tool doesn’t migrate RCM webinars to RCV. Your RCM Webinar links will not change.

We successfully migrated most of our users, but a few users are affected by the error “FailedToUpdateCalendarEvent.” What does this mean?

This error means the tool failed to update the new RCV invites into the user’s calendar. We recommend you to reschedule the RCM invites to RCV invites.
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