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RingCentral data retention policies

Last updated on July 28, 2022
This article explains RingCentral’s data retention policies.
RingCentral keeps customer account data on its servers for specific lengths of time, then deletes that data periodically. This ensures optimal system performance and reliability.
If you want to download and/or back up general user and account data before it’s deleted from our servers, you have several options:
If you have admin access and want to download and/or back up data from the Analytics Portal before that data is deleted from our servers, you have two options:

General data retention information

RingCentral’s data retention policies may be affected by:
  • Your organization’s RingCentral service plan
  • Restrictions or limitations from your internet service provider
  • Laws in your company’s location
Note: Only company admins can request changes to a data retention plan, and they must do so by contacting Customer Support. RingCentral analytics doesn’t support requests for changes to data retention plans.

Data retention details

This table shows how long your data remains on RingCentral’s servers before it’s deleted, as well as any other limitations.
These policies are subject to change.
Data type
Time on servers
Other limitations
Automatic call recordings
90 days
100,000 recordings per account
On-demand call recordings
90 days
200 recordings per voicemail box per user 
No limit
Once there are 200 unheard voicemails, any new voicemails will replace existing ones, starting with the oldest.
Received faxes
No limit
Once there are 200 unread faxes, any new faxes will replace existing ones, starting with the oldest.
Sent faxes
30 days
Text and multimedia messages (SMS & MMS)
No limit
5,000 messages for every user in each of these folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted
Call log
12 months for most accounts; nine months for some accounts.

Contact Customer Support for further information.
Default option: Never deleted

Other preset options: 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days
When this setting is changed, that change resets the deletion clock.

For example, if you change the policy from 30 days to 60 days on June 1, only conversations that happen on or after June 1 will be deleted once 60 days have passed.

Analytics Portal data retention information

Different data retention policies apply to information stored in the Analytics Portal.
Data type
Time on servers
Adoption and usage
6 months
Company numbers
6 months
Live Reports
24 hours
Line of Business Analytics
6 months
Performance Reports
6 months
Quality of Service data
6 months
Rooms and devices data
6 months
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