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TCR business registration FAQs

Last updated on February 16, 2023
When completing registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR), here are some issues you might encounter and our process for resolving them.

General questions

What is a brand ID?

A brand ID is a collection of information to identify the business sending an SMS. A brand identifies the company or entity the end user believes to be sending a message. For example, if an HVAC company, Acme HVAC, sends SMS maintenance reminders to its end customers using RingCentral, the brand would be identified as Acme HVAC. In most cases, a brand equals a legally registered company name.

What is a campaign ID?

A campaign lets us know how you're using your phone numbers to send SMS. A company will typically have only one brand ID but may have several campaign IDs, depending on its SMS usage. For example, if the medical facility Acme Healthcare wants to send appointment reminders to its end customers via SMS, the campaign ID for that usage would be “appointment reminders.”

How much does registration cost?

Registration costs vary depending on business classification and SMS usage. RingCentral is currently covering standard registration costs for our customers until June 2023, when any new registration fees will be the customer's responsibility.

When will RingCentral stop waiving TCR fees?

RingCentral will stop waiving TCR fees for new and existing customers in June 2023.

What is the minimum commitment for brand/campaign registration?

There is a 3-month minimum commitment.

Can I opt out of registration?

If you want to opt out of registering with TCR, you may do so, but your SMS messaging will be disabled in your account.
RingCentral can’t allow unregistered message traffic across our network. You can port SMS capabilities to another provider, allowing you to utilize RingCentral for message, video, and phone while using a third-party provider for your SMS messages.

To opt out, contact RingCentral support and ask for SMS capabilities to be disabled on your account.

Do I need to be registered or approved by June to avoid being shut off?

Yes, to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience with the SMS feature, it's important to make sure your brand is approved by TCR no later than June 2023.

When will SMS be disabled if I don’t register?

Customers who don’t register will lose SMS service in June. 

Can I still get SMS enabled after June 2023?

Yes, simply complete the registration process through the Admin Portal, and you'll be all set.

Is TCR the same as an SMS campaign?

No. A TCR campaign is a specific SMS use case, part of the TCR registration, and usually a one-time activity.

Who can register my business with TCR?

Any admin at your company can register your business using our process.

Does TCR apply in Canada?

If Canadian clients want to send SMS messages to US customers, they must follow the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), and US carrier rules.

Are these same rules and regulations happening for our competition?

Other providers have similar needs, and it's great to know that we're aligned with industry standards. Let's make sure we have all the information we need to complete the registration process smoothly and efficiently.

How long are our competitors taking to complete TCR registration?

This varies by competitor. Some companies utilize built-in automation, while others manually process applications. Our process takes about 20-30 business days.

How does CTIA relate to the FCC?

The FCC adopts what CTIA sets as regulations as valid policies. CTIA publishes Best Practices and Principles for Messaging every quarter.

Will email notifications about registration be sent via Salesforce? Marketo?

Yes. Email notifications informing customers of the need to register and June 2023 deadline are being sent to customers via Marketo and should be reflected in SFDC.

Will I receive an automated email with instructions?

We're dedicated to supporting our customers and are sending out friendly reminders to register before the deadline of June 2023.

Are there any volume thresholds where TCR registration isn’t required?

No, you must register with TCR regardless of your SMS volume.

What is vetting?

Some companies must undergo additional vetting to determine business trustworthiness along with registration. This will apply to specific industries or use cases and companies that need to send more than 2,000 SMS/day. Once vetted, a trust score is assigned to your company that impacts deliverability - the higher your trust score, the more significant the deliverability of your messages will be. RingCentral uses a third-party TCR-approved vendor to manage the vetting process. Please note there is a $40 charge for this vetting service that may be assessed to you by RingCentral. You can request vetting by contacting Support.

How do I get updates about my TCR registration?

The TCR team will promptly initiate a support request and keep you informed with regular updates on the status of your registration, whether it's been accepted or requires further review.
The average turnaround time for TCR registration and number activation is 10 working days. Though, given the significant number of successful TCR registrations and occasional technical glitches in the TCR portal, it may take a bit longer in some cases. Our team is working diligently to process TCRs in a timely manner, prioritizing requests in the order they are received. We're committed to making the process smooth and efficient for you.

How can I expedite my TCR registration?

RingCentral handles hundreds of submissions every day. We do our best to complete TCR registration as quickly as possible, typically within ten business days. To help us, please ensure you correctly fill out the form as outlined above. Rejections due to an incorrect submission start the process all over again.

How will I know I’m registered with TCR?

The best way to ensure your SMS capability is active is to make sure you're registered. And the great news is, you can easily do this right from your Admin Portal. Simply log in to your account, go to Phone Systems > Enhanced Business SMS > 10DLC Registration and you'll be on your way to smooth sailing with SMS. Plus, when you add new numbers, you'll be given the option to assign them to a campaign or enable SMS, making the process even simpler.

Do I need to register every time I add a new number?

No, we only require one registration per business. However, new numbers may not automatically be assigned to your existing campaign. We recommend using our service in Admin Portal.

Do I still need to register for TCR if I don’t send marketing messages?

Yes, you need to register to continue using SMS regardless of how you're using it.

Regarding porting, do I need to complete TCR registration before or after transferring numbers?

We highly encourage you to set up TCR as soon as your account is established and prior to transferring your numbers. This proactive step will help minimize any potential interruption in service. Additionally, completing TCR before the transfer process will allow you to quickly assign your numbers to their desired campaign and activate them right away.

Can I view my SMS usage and charges for overage (if any)?

Brand registration

Can multiple brands/campaigns be created per account?

Yes, you can register multiple brands and campaigns with TCR.

How long does brand approval take?

Brand approvals are typically approved within 10 minutes if all details are entered correctly. It is vital to fill out the form with correct and accurate information to avoid delays.

Do I need to enter my RingCentral name or legally registered name?

TCR verifies a business's federal registration through its official business name. To ensure a smooth validation process, it's important to use a legally registered business name that aligns with the EIN or federal registration number.
To assist with the verification and validation process, it's important to list the main number associated with your business, whether it's a RingCentral number or hosted elsewhere. TCR uses this information to confirm your business registration.

Can I register for SMS without an EIN/Tax ID?

To ensure we provide the best service, we only register customers with a federal business registration ID, such as an EIN or Corporation Number in Canada. If you haven't registered your business, we recommend taking this step so you can continue to take advantage of the SMS feature in RingCentral. It's a simple process and will only enhance your experience with us.

Why can’t I modify my address in my brand submission?

If your Brand ID is pending registration approval, you can’t modify the details until you receive a confirmation or rejection from TCR.

If my brand application is rejected, can I see what I need to change?

When registering a brand in Admin Portal, you will have access to its status at all times, be it pending, accepted, or rejected. In the event of a rejection, you'll receive a clear explanation of the reason for the decision. Our support website is always here to provide you with more information and guidance on managing TCR registrations.

Campaign registration

Is it possible to edit an existing campaign?

Campaigns can only be modified after they’re successfully registered.

Are consent and keywords required for non-marketing messages?

Obtaining consent before messaging is a crucial requirement for all businesses using SMS, regardless of the nature of the communication. This can be as straightforward as someone reaching out to you with a question and you responding or as comprehensive as having written consent. For more information, you can check out page 12 of the CTIA guidelines which provide in-depth guidance on this important topic.
Opt-in keywords and messages, as well as help keywords and messages, may not always be necessary, depending on your specific use case. However, TCR still asks us to provide examples of how these keywords can be used for reference. It's worth noting that recognizing opt-out keywords is a carrier requirement and a crucial aspect of responsible messaging practices.
To streamline your messaging, we offer a convenient, free tool for automating responses, available at https://workflow.labs.ringcentral.com/. Additionally, popular services like Beetexting and Textel are also available as options for your convenience.

What type of phone numbers can I link to a TCR campaign?

You can link virtual or digital lines to campaigns, except for “fax only” numbers. However, you can only link a number to one campaign. If you need to link a number to a different campaign, you’ll need to remove the number from the other campaign, then reassign.

What does it mean if the rejection status is “must provide 3 unique sample messages”?

It looks like you haven't shared three specific real-life samples on the form. This could happen if you responded with N/A, mentioned "conversational use", or left some fields blank. Let's try to provide at least 3 unique examples to complete the form.

What does it mean if the rejection status is “samples SMS are not within the 20-1024 limit?

This means that the samples provided were either too short or too long. Just make sure that the samples are between 20-1-24 characters. Let's adjust the length so they can be accepted.

What does it mean if the rejection status is missing opt-in/out/help keywords and/or messages?

Don't forget to fill in the opt-in/out/help sections, which are now easier than ever with the latest form version. Simply add your company name, and the form will pre-fill the rest for you. Just a friendly reminder: to avoid rejection, make sure to provide answers that align with the pre-filled examples rather than N/A, "conversational use", leaving them blank, or not following the given format.

Assigning numbers

How many numbers link to a campaign by default?

By default, you can link up to 49 numbers to one campaign. If you wish to add more than that, you need to contact Customer Support. When linking numbers, only campaigns you successfully registered will appear on the list of available choices. 

How long does it take to provision and deprovision numbers?

If you successfully register with TCR, number provisioning will take 72 hours.
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