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TCR business SMS registration checklist

Last updated on February 15, 2023
We’ve put together easy-to-follow tips to help you prepare for registering your business SMS with The Campaign Registry (TCR).

General questions

Before you register

Make sure you have the following information handy before you begin SMS TCR registration.
  • Verification letter: After registering with the IRS, you’ll receive a letter with your approved registration information. If registering with the Canadian government, they’ll send a business number verification letter. The letter from the US or Canadian government will include the info you’ll need for brand registration.
    • Legal company name
    • Country of registration
    • EIN (US) / Business Number (Canada)
    • Legal company address
  • Organization Type: Have your stock symbol registration letter from the SEC available if you’re a publicly traded company. Otherwise, you’re a privately owned (ex. LLC) or non-profit (ex. 501 business.) 
  • Industry: What industry does your business operate in? Based on your answer, you’ll need to pick a vertical that best matches your industry. This article explains the verticals TCR provides.
  • Primary contact: Have the contact’s name, title, address, email, and phone number on hand.
  • Website URL: This is optional to include with your TCR registration.
  • Proof of customer consent: Take pictures of the website form, paper form, or another method you use to get permission from your customers to send SMS. 
  • Messaging examples: If you’ve been using SMS before TCR registration, you’ll likely have example messages you’ve sent to customers.
    • Consent: Draft three messages based on how you got the customer’s permission to send them an SMS.
    • Opt-in, out, and help: When you send SMS, what messages do you text to get customers to opt-in to messages, stop receiving an SMS, and get your help on an issue? You’ll need the wording for each of these message types, along with the exact word they text to perform any of the three actions.
  • Company SMS phone numbers: You’ll need to double-check that your RingCentral account will have all the numbers you use for SMS registered. Have a list of every phone number you use for SMS so you can check.

Additional tips

Here are some additional things to keep in mind before you register with TCR.
  • This entire process can take 20-30 business days. Successfully submitting on your first attempt reduces your wait time for approval. 
  • Use cases, where you use SMS, might include special offers, marketing, coupons, weekly updates, price drops, new arrivals, and so on.
  • You must have consent from customers to receive an SMS before you can register with TCR. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. A few ways you show proof of consent include:
    • Screenshots
    • Examples (ex. online form URL, paper form image/PDF)
    • Timestamp (ex. online submission date and time, date on paper form)
    • Consent wording (ex. “I give permission to have ABC company send me SMS for…”)
    • IP address (online only)
    • Customer phone number
    • Customer information (ex. user ID, name, address, email)
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