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February 2023 Release Highlights

MVP Core, Version 23.1

Release Dates: February 2 through March 7, 2023


  • Admin Portal
    • Number porting flow improvements: The number porting entry point is more discoverable, the checklist was moved to the initial screen, and admins can create multiple drafts. [US and Canada only]
    • Global search: Search through All pages, all account settings, all primary CTAs, and all settings from Users, Call queue and sites from any page of the portal. [US only]
  • Call Block permission: Permission have been decoupled for Call Blocking, Screening, Greeting, and Hold Music.
  • Call handling setting improvement: To provide a consistent user experience, the layout of wording of call handling setting screens have been adjusted to align with other control system areas.
  • Configure voicemail co-recipient for company calls: Can now be done via RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile now, in addition to the Admin Portal.
  • In-app admin setting permission control: Standard admins (below super admins) will now be able to control roles and permissions from the RingCentral App Desktop, in addition to the Admin Portal.
  • New Admin only flexible federation model: Admins can manage multiple accounts from a centralized place with ease, access accounts without logging out, search across all accounts, assign admin across these accounts, and link accounts using admin only model while allowing them to stay separate and independent.
  • Audit trail for enterprise admins on individual account updates: For account federation use cases, changes will be recorded on the account level if a role is assigned/removed/changed as a proxy admin.
  • Bulk users upload improvement: The bulk template file name related to user management is now more understandable. The previous {account#}- {timestamp}, has been changed to {ActionName}-{AccountName}-{TimeStamp}.
  • Add an existing phone as unassigned phone & device: Can now be done by admins with role/permission to add phones and devices to the account.

Call Handling

  • Ring co-worker option: When adding a co-worker to a user’s ring list - one can select to ring all of the co-worker’s RingCentral Desktop & Mobile Apps, and RingCentral Phone App (if used).
  • Display call forward indicator for incoming call: Users will now see an indication when an incoming call was forwarded from a co-worker or another extension.
  • Shared voicemail: Access to these voicemail messages has been added to the RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile interfaces.
  • Emergency Address Management: Tools have been added to enable bulk uploading of data via spreadsheets for Emergency Response Locations (ERL).
  • Voicemail transcription improvements: Accuracy has been improved, and transcriptions will now cover the entire length of voicemail messages. [US only]
  • Enhanced phone call routing logic: We will enhance the “phone provider ID” call routing logic for voice & fax calls when more than one SIP trunk is used for the same account. A routing query is always performed based on the originating / redirecting user phone number.


  • New BYOC Country: Dial-Plans and Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) are available to customers, in any direct sales countries, who have branch offices in Ecuador.
  • Freephone metering updates in Europe: Calls to Freephone numbers in Europe are free, regardless of the amount of usage. [UK and EMEA]
  • UK Mobile and Mobile Other prefixes: Calls to any “Mobile Other” prefixes will now carry the same rate as regular Mobile calls in the UK. [UK only]

Call Handling

  • Enhanced custom key layout for Unify phones: Additional feature assignments via CKL are available for Unify OpenScape models CP 400, CP 600, and CP 700. These include cal waiting, AICS ZIP tone, redial, deflect, and alternate.
  • Company directory support for uncertified SIP phones: Corporate directory will now work on standard SIP phones.
  • Assisted provisioning and support (added for the phone models in the specified geographic regions): 
    • Cisco 8841 desk phone [US, Canada, UK, & Australia only]
    • Poly Edge E100 and 300 desk phones [US, Canada, & UK only]

MVP Core, Version 23.1.1

Release Dates: February 13 through March 16, 2023

  • Bug fixes

MVP Core, Version 23.1.2

Release Dates: February 28 through March 23, 2023


  • Admin Portal
    • Self-service substitute caller ID: Admins can submit a request within the portal, and will no longer need to call support, or prepare and update a spreadsheet.
    • Enable/disable headset support control: Admin can turn on or off headset features for users, and decide which vendor to use. Account level control.
  • Call handling custom rule creation: The user experience has been improved by starting rule definition with the intention (or condition to be met), and concluding the flow definition with a summary of the rule to be added. 


  • Phone models and device availability expanded for purchase worldwide: 
    • Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450, E550
    • Cisco 191 ATA and 192 ATA
  • Phone models added to the list of those supported with assisted provisioning:
    • Unify CP100 and CP210
    • Yealink T53
  • RingCentral Phone Desktop, Version 23.1 (Release: February 9 through March 8, 2023)
  • Added support for Honduras (BYOC)
  • Added the ability to mark messages as unread from the contextual menu
  • Increased fax attachment limit to 50 MB
  • Improved links legibility for dark theme
  • Added the ability to copy caller data from call screens
  • Bug fixes
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