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August 2023 Release Highlights


Version 23.3 (Release date: August 4, 2023)


  • Allowed admins to create multiple Call Queues by downloading and then uploading a template file
  • Allowed admins to turn on/off auto-answer in account-level


  • Enabled customers to see in Admin Portal the cost of calling any special number that is part of their calling plan
  • Enabled the user to provide complete address details for France and Australia
  • Enabled VMT for all GSP brands (existing languages: UK English, CA French, EU French, German, Dutch, Spanish) and added Portuguese & Italian to VMT for all brands, including all GSP partners.
  • Enabled geo-location to be provided when possible on mobile app in India to satisfy Indian regulations


  • Make Poly Edge E100 deskphone available for ordering 
  • New API to associate model & MAC address to the existing device (otherphone) for Partners

RingCentral Phone Desktop

Version 23.3 (Release date: August 7 through September 2, 2023)

  • Updated emergency address forms for France and Australia
  • Routed numbers starting with 110/112 to emergency services in Germany
  • Added support for United Arab Emirates (BYOC)
  • Added support for privacy controls for telephony presence (configured from web portal)
  • Made settings for call handling consistent across apps and web portals
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
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