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May 2020 Release Highlights

RingCentral App for Desktop
  • Try the new desktop app! 
    • We’re excited to share our new desktop app with an updated look, faster load time, enhanced search, and many more improvements. You and your users can test it out on the web here.
RingCentral App for Mobile
  • Group MMS
    • With this feature, customers will be able to send group text messages from within the RingCentral app.
  • Bulk text message
    • Customers will soon be able to send text messages individually to many recipients at once.
  • Internal message support
    • Internal users of the RingCentral app will be able to send messages to call queues and other extensions that cannot receive SMS texts. 
  • Public teams support
    • This enhancement will allow users to easily search and join public teams on mobile.
  • Failed message notification
    • Messages that were not sent will appear at the bottom (most recent) of the conversation instead of inline as before.
  • Do Not Disturb (Android)
    • All RingCentral phone calls and video calls will now be automatically silenced when your phone is set to Do Not Disturb
  • Link preview
    • Soon users will be able to disable link previews in the mobile app.
  • Click-to-dial from voicemail transcripts
    • In this release, customers will be able to call back a number directly from their voicemail transcripts. 
RingCentral Meetings 
Our security team works tirelessly to monitor new threats and employs world-class products and services in support of our efforts to continually improve our security posture. 
  • Require password’ is now ON by default.
  • Allow Join before Host’ is now OFF by default.
See the latest updates to support Meetings security here and don’t forget to bookmark our Meetings Security & Best Practices landing page.
  • Whiteboard pages
    • Meeting hosts can now enable multiple pages for whiteboards during a meeting as well as navigate between the multiple pages.
  • Poll report download
    • Polls launched during live meetings can be reviewed later from within the Admin Portal including details such as User Name, User Email, and Submitted Date/Time.
  • Auto-select audio
    • RingCentral Meetings will soon be able to automatically join audio based on a user’s network type and bring the best audio experience/stability to customers.
  • Pre-meeting video lobby
    • Before joining a meeting with video on, users will be shown a video preview and given the options to join with or without video. They can also select to “always join with video” without displaying the preview first.
  • RingCentral Phone Desktop
  • Group MMS
    • This feature will allow users to send a Group MMS to up to 10 individual numbers at a time.
  • Jabra headset support
    • The RingCentral phone desktop will soon support Jabraheadsets and give users the ability to control calls by buttons from the headsets
  • New phones available
    • Avaya J139, J169, J179 phones are now available, with J159, J100 Expansion Module, and B199 being added late in Q2 2020.
  • Cisco CP6821 & CP8851 phones will be available for both domestic and international users.
  • Slack
    • This release will offer the ability to make RingCentral phone calls and join RingCentral Video meetings in Slack.
  • G Suite Add On unification
    • We’ve combined the RingCentral for Google Calendar and Gmail applications into one G Suite Add-on, making it easier to access RingCentral calls, texts, and meetings in G Suite.
  • RingCentral for MS Dynamics 2.0
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 now supports the Microsoft Channel Integration Framework which allows the use of RingCentral across all Dynamics 365 applications (Sales, Service, and more).
  • RingCentral for Canvas
    • This release offers the ability to schedule and join a RingCentral Video meeting in Canvas
  • RingCentral for Microsoft Teams
    • We’ve updated the RingCentral for Microsoft Teams integration to allow users to schedule RingCentral Video meetings and receive an auto-generated meeting password for added security within Teams.
  • Robocall blocking
    • Users will have the option to automatically block any incoming call that is labeled a “Suspected Robocall.”
  • Admin Portal Updates
    • In this release, updates will be made to the overall layout and navigation of the RingCentral Admin Portal. Updates include updated cascading menus, customizable tables, and more intuitive overall navigation.
  • RingCentral Conference Reset
    • As an added security measure, admins will be able to reset and regenerate conference host and participant codes for RingCentral audio conferences.
  • Spoofed Caller-ID Detection
    • RingCentral will soon have the ability to verify the authenticity of the Caller ID on inbound calls in order to cut down on robocalls with spoofed numbers.
  • Call Queue Select Manager from User List
    • This enhancement will allow admins to assign multiple users as the managers of a call queue. 
  • Global Ordering Enhancements
    • When ordering international numbers through the admin portal, business registrations and proof of address documents will be reused until they expire.
  • Global Office Cisco CP6821 & CP8851 Phones
    • New phones will be available for Global Office customers.
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