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August 2022 Release Highlights

  • MVP Core, Version 22.3 (Release: August 4 through September  2, 2022)
  • Fax Controls and Parameters: Account administrators can enable/disable fax service at the account or user levels, as well as specify some of the fax service parameters.
  • Admin Portal user detail improvement: Add group membership overview providing the ability to find information about users in the user details section. These include call queue membership, paging only, shared line group, delegate line (BCA),park locations, call monitoring, group pick up / directed pick up, IVR, and user group
  • Substitute toll-free number as a substitute caller ID: This option is added in addition to the previous local numbers and mobile number options. 
  • Admin Portal: Add voicemail as text: Account administrators can view voicemail as text when they access users’ message inbox.
  • Add audit trail for voicemail settings changes: The RingCentral system will add audit trails for these actions: forwarding or including voicemails as attachments.
  • Cloud Connector: Offers large enterprises the ability to migrate to cloud in a phased approach through interconnecting their on premise PBX with RingCentral MVP via SIP trunking.
Call Handling
  • Park Location Call Return: The call park return time now applies to calls parked using a Park Location. When a call is not answered, the original user who parked the call will be notified.
  • Caller ID during Warm Call Transfer: The original Caller ID is passed along during warm or consultative call transfers, rather than the ID of the user passing the call.
  • MVP Core, Version 22.3.1 (Release: August 12 through September 15, 2022)
  • Bug fixes
  • RingCentral Video Desktop & Web, Version 22.2.20 (Release: August 22, 2022)
  • Chrome support on Android (GA): Users now have the option for guest users to quickly join meetings via the Chrome browser from an Android phone or tablet.
  • Firefox browser support (Open Beta): Users will now be able to join and manage RCV meetings from the Firefox browser on Windows and Mac.
  • Show premium and toll free numbers in meeting invite and dial-in list: Meeting invitations and the Join audio call in dialog will include all premium and toll free phone numbers.  
  • Participant list user grouping to identify noisy users: This feature will enable the users to sort the participant list with a more intelligent logic which can identify the noisy users.
  • Shared settings for meeting recordings: The host can set the meeting recording and sharing settings right from the in-meeting time itself.
  • Recording playback speed control: Users can now control the speed of the meeting recording, they can speed up or speed down the player with the Recording Playback Speed Control.
  • Post meeting - new Summary tab design: The new meeting summary tab design has a bigger replay area and is easier to use.
  • Post meeting - update highlights: This feature will allow users to create custom highlights in the post-meeting page.
  • Consolidated virtual background settings: AI Computer Vision features are compute-intensive and might cause performance issues if enabled on low-end devices.
  • Breakout Room panel moving/resizing: Host can now resize or move the Breakout Rooms management panel so it doesn’t cover the meeting content.
  • Easier access to end-to-end encryption: Users can now turn on and off End-to-end encryption more easily from the meeting info panel
  • RingCentral Rooms, Version 22.3.20 (Release: August 18, 2022)
  • Show Chat on Room Display: Room users can now see the meeting chat from Room displays.
  • Join Zoom/Webex meetings via SIP: Room users can now join upcoming Zoom & Webex meetings using one tap "Join".
  • Join SIP meetings from mobile: Room users can now use their mobile device, select the room they want to connect to, and will be able to instantly join Zoom or Webex meetings that are on the mobile’s calendar from that room.
  • MVP Core, Version 22.3.10 (Release: August 1, 2022)
  • Webinar description: Webinar hosts can now add a brief description of the webinar when scheduling it. This description automatically gets added to the invitation emails then sent by hosts and to the webinar info seen by participants while the webinar is underway.
  • Resending invites while in-webinar: Webinar hosts and cohosts can re-invite panelists with a single click from within the webinar. They do this by clicking on the webinar info bubble, selecting the name of a panelist or co-host and then choosing one of two ways to invite: sending a reminder automatically or copying the invite to the clipboard. This ensures that hosts can resend invitations to participants who can’t locate their original invites to join the webinar while it’s underway.
  • Webinar info improvements on mobile apps: By tapping on the webinar info bubble, participants can now see which host, cohosts, and panelists have joined, vs. the ones that haven’t. 
  • Version 22.2.30 (Release: August 9 through September 3, 2022)
  • Data Residency Compliance
  • On-prem PBX users are now supported in the unified directory
  • Added the ability to sort contacts in HUD
  • Now support system settings for the color theme
  • Added the ability to control volume for Citrix and VMware (plugin update required)
  • Bug fixes
RINGCENTRAL Engage Digital
  • RingCentral Engage Digital, Versions 22.08.26, 22.08.23, 22.08.22, 22.08.18, 22.08.17, 22.08.10, 22.08.05, 22.08.02, 22.08.01 (Release: August 2022)
  • WhatsApp:
    • Introduced new analytics report
    • Supported disappearing messages in WhatsApp channel
    • Added support header and footer in WhatsApp templates (ex-HSM)
  • Webhook: 
    • Optimized the webhook recovery email sending to avoid spam
    • Added detailed error for the email about webhook suspension
  • Engage Messaging: 
    • Added customized video call request display in threads listings
    • Supported "Switch to Video" for iOS
    • Added seconds to the tooltip in the audit log and activity tracking
    • Added the channel-level flag to enable "Switch to video" feature
  • Admin: Added a permission to import identities 
  • Agent: Added a new filter for presence status - ‘Unoccupied ‘ & ‘Disconnected’
  • Engage Digital UI: “Enable new inline suggestion” checkbox
  • Apple Messages for Business: Exposed new "capabilities_supported" attribute in /contents API and webhooks for "Apple Messages for Business" channel
  • Instagram: Fetched username field for Instagram messaging identities
  • Surveys: Migrated existing Alchemer surveys to use survey.alchemer URL scheme
  • RingCentral Engage Voice (Release: August 2022)
  • Engage Analytics - New destinations for scheduled Historical Reports, New Attribute, Improved report & Dashboard Updates
  • Admin - Improve Special/Velocity ANI managemnet
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