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May 2022 Release Highlights

  • RingCentral Desktop and Web App, Version 22.2.20 (Release: May 25, 2022)
  • iCal integration
    • Easily join and schedule meetings by connecting your iCal calendar.
  • Firefox web support
    • You can now access the app in your Firefox web browser.
  • Bridged Call Appearance (BCA) improvements
    • You can select any of your BCA extension phone numbers to be your Caller ID.
  • Search delegated extensions
    • Find delegated lines and make calls directly to the extension or phone number from your Contacts tab.
  • Support for French 4-digit short codes
    • Customers who are on the French dial plan can now use the 4-digit short codes to reach public services, such as 10XX for telephone operator services and 39XX for French Public services.
  • Global MVP for Taiwan
    • RingCentral Global MVP is now available in Taiwan.
  • RingCentral Mobile App, Version 22.2.20 (Release: May 25 through June 1, 2022)
  • An emoji is worth a thousand words 🙌
    • Use emojis  and reactions to let others know how you feel and to give feedback in meetings.
  • Meeting summaries
    • Recap meetings or catch up on anything you missed in just a few minutes.
  • Call contacts from the dialpad
    • Start typing a name or number to instantly search and call your contact.
  • Video picture-in-picture
    • Continue to view your meetings in a smaller window while multitasking on other apps on your mobile device
  • Support for French 4-digit short codes
    • Customers on the French dial plan can now use 4-digit short codes such as 10XX to reach telephone operator services and 39XX to reach French public services.
  • Team video call limit
    • To prevent accidentally calling large teams, video calls can't be made to teams over a certain size.
  • Event attachments
    • Share more details about your events by adding files or media content.
  • Screen privacy when switching apps
    • To maintain your privacy, your app screen will blur its content when switching apps.
  • MVP Core, Version 22.2 (Release: May 4 through June 7, 2022)
Admin Portal
  • Bulk user upload methods have improved for data imported, error handling, and feedback.
  • The forward phone number wizard was enhanced.
  • The user interface has changed for call handling controls to match recent ones in the RingCentral App.
  • Settings for all handling, voicemail, and notifications were moved to unique sections with separate permissions for each.
  • Audit trails will reflect when RingCentral’s support virtual agents make changes on behalf of the account admin.
  • Account admins will be able to enable hostage line seizure to assist emergency service responders when required.
Call Handling
  • Users will be able to forward all their calls with one click.
  • Phone users in the USA and Puerto Rico will be forced to use 10 digit calling numbers, in compliance with regulation.
Phones and Devices
  • Fast firmware rollout will now be available independent of software POD upgrades. This will allow enhancements for security and other timely upgrades to be delivered as quickly as possible.
Available for RingCentral MVP customers in the US, Canada, and United Kingdom: 
  • Phones being added for purchase or rental; Poly Rove 30 & Rove 40 DECT wireless phones, Yealink CP925 & CP965 conference phones, and Cisco 191 and 192 ATAs.
Available for RingCentral MVP customers in Europe and Australia: 
  • Phones being added for purchase or rental with the 22.2.2 minor release; Poly CCX 400, 500, 600, & 700 desk phones and Yealink T43U, T46U, & T48U desk/receptionist phones. 
MVP Core, Version 22.2.1
Release Date: May 13 through June 15, 2022
  • RingCentral App desktop supports call controls with USB-HID compatible headsets. Available for all RingCentral MVP customers.
  • Bug fixes
MVP Core, Version 22.2.2
Release Date: May 31 through June 28, 2022
Admin Portal
  • Autodial can be enabled/disabled for specific supported devices to dial a specific phone number. An example use case is a phone in a bar which would automatically dial a taxi company. This is available for MVP Premium and Ultimate edition customers.
  • The add user wizard had been enhanced to allow assigning a template to the user being added.
Call Handling
  • For accounts in the USA and Canada with SMS enabled, the administrator can request a RIngCentral service agent to set a limit of daily outgoing SMS messages.
Phones and Devices
Available for RingCentral MVP customers in Europe and Australia: 
  • Phones being added for purchase or rental; Poly CCX 400, 500, 600, & 700 models, and Yealink T43U, T46U, & T48U models.
  • RingCentral Rooms, Version 22.2.20 (Release: May 30, 2022)
  • RCV Rooms for Versatel/Telekom/Unify Office
    • Users of Versatel/Telekom/Unify Office can now use their own room account to log in to Poly Rooms for meeting experience.  
  • Filmstrip View (enable for partner brands)
    • Room users can now see other participants while focusing on the active speaker or shared content with filmstrip view.
  • Sign in Room via activation code
    • Once get the activation code from ServiceWeb, Room installer can sign in Room via activation code, so that IT admin don't need to share their admin accounts.
  • RingCentral Phone Desktop, Version 22.2 (Release: May 10 through June 6, 2022)
  • Implemented mandatory 10 digit dialing (US only).
  • Added dark theme.
  • Added ability to re-assign additional phone lines.
  • Added support for Lithuania.
  • Added support for Bulgaria, Uruguay (BYOC).
  • Bug fixes.
RINGCENTRAL Engage digital
  • RingCentral Engage Digital, Version 22.2.3 (Release: May 5, 2022)
  • Engage Admin: User Interface (UI) enhancement to improve word-wrap for reply assistant
  • RingCentral Engage Digital, Version 22.2.4 (Release: May 18, 2022)
  • Engage Digital Diaglogflow: Added Webview Support
  • Engage Admin: Updated the design of Chat/Messaging targeting rules list
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