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April 2021 Release Highlights

Ringcentral app
  • RingCentral app desktop, Version 21.1.31 (Release: Early April)
  • Fix for spell checker issue
  • RingCentral app desktop, Version 21.2.10 (Release: Mid-April)
  • Replies on tasks
  • RingCentral blue theme color change
  • HUD support - Open Beta
  • Call park - Open beta
  • Local recording support (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Localization of in-meeting experience (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Select dial in country & respect admin settings (RingCentral Meetings)
  • Respect (admin set) lock state and default settings from SW in Schedule dialog (RingCentral Meetings)
  • RingCentral app mobile, Version 21.2.10 (Release: Mid-April)
  • Caller ID improvement - distinguish real/fake direct number & reorder
  • Resource center: engage chatbot SDK update - Open Beta
  • G/M support add’l contact folders (GAL) - Open Beta
  • Apple iOS support
    • Apple phones running iOS older than 12.1 will no longer be supported. The last version of RingCentral mobile app those phones will be able to install is the March 22, 21.1.30 version.
  • Participant pinning enhancements (RingCentral Video)
    • Meeting users can pin multiple participants
  • Team huddle (RingCentral Video)
  • Closed caption (RingCentral Video)
RingCentral Video, Version 21.1.30 (Release: Early April)
  • Overlay mode
    • Seamlessly combine the presentation speaker’s video on top of the screen they are sharing. Meeting attendees can watch the presentation and the speaker at the same time. 
  • Closed captions
    • Attendees with accessibility needs or language challenges can see captions appear instantly at the bottom of their screen. 
  • Virtual background - GIF support
    • In addition to images and videos, users will be able to upload GIF files and use them as a virtual background.
  • Show NQI details for the incoming video and audio streams
    • Self network connection performance indicators can be reviewed for incoming video and audio streams, in addition to outgoing.
  • Reduce volume for talking participants
    • Users on MacOS devices with have their speaker volume reduced while they are speaking to improve echo canceling performance. 
  • Improve representation of participant count
    • Meeting participants are represented by each device that they are joining through.
RingCentral Video back end, Version 21.2.10 (Release: Late April)
  • Data residency for cloud recordings
    • Cloud recordings for meetings can be stored automatically in the account’s preferred region in order to comply with data localisation laws.
Analytics, Version 21.2.10 (Release: Mid-April)
RingCentral for Zendesk (Release: Early April)
  • Use Call Matching, and Message Hub receive and download voicemail and faxes, send bulk SMS, and conduct SMS conversation threads. App Gallery link
RingCentral for Salesforce (Release: Mid-April)
  • Prevent or alert users from placing a call or sending a text message to contacts with a Do Not Contact (DNC) setting in Salesforce. App Gallery link
RingCentral Archiver (Release: Late April)
  • Upgraded API offering better admin control over data retention, proactive email notifications for actions on failed archives, and in app banners to increase awareness of data retention policy. App Gallery link
Engage Digital, Version 21.2.1 (Release date: Early April)
Engage Digital, Version 21.2.2 (Release date: Mid-April)
Engage Voice, Version 21.1.3 (Release date: Mid March)
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